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Avoid Wishing; DO Instead

There may be in your senior citizen catalog of regrets a whole series of things you wish you had done. There may be yet time to do some of them.  There will be struggles to decide from among them, which ones you really can accomplish.  But, without initiative and determination, it is certain none of them will be achieved.  Thus, this article.

For me, there are at least 16 must do’s before the calendar and clock make it nigh impossible to be satisfied that I at least tried.

Here they are:

MUST DO:  learn how to do something you always wanted to do, but were afraid to try.  Examples include fly fishing, target practice, either with a bow and arrow or a firearm.

MUST DO: take on an exercise that invites daily involvement, e.g. bicycling, roller blading, ice skating, gentle jogging.

MUST DO: resume a hobby from your earlier life, like building models, putting together a model airplane that will actually fly, joining a flying club, spending time in a public park with others of similar interests.

MUST DO: paint.  Take on the Winston Churchill challenge.  Paint landscapes or do still life, or just let your imagination take over.  It doesn’t matter how good you are, just allow yourself to do what your own creativity urges.

MUST DO: take on something mechanical.  A friend, when quite young, was given a clock by his grandfather and told to take it apart and put it back together.  He is working on an airplane now.  He proved to himself, as his grandfather knew, that he could do it.  It’s still not too late.

MUST DO: have you ever considered knitting or crocheting?  Why not?

MUST DO: exercise your own need to be patient.  Take on training a pet, a dog or other.  Permit yourself to watch as your pet takes on behaviors you had no idea you could help him/her learn.

MUST DO: take a grandson or daughter fishing.  Go to an ordinary pond, dip the hook in the water and see what happens.  Listen to the conversation that develops as you just enjoy being together.

MUST DO: start a daily diary or journal.  Keep an account of your day to day thoughts, activities and interests.  At some point,  choose to share it with someone special. Pass it on.

MUST DO: explore an absolutely off the wall hobby that is challenging, difficult and never before considered.  Let your own doubts about your abilities be put at bay.  Do it and then show it off.

MUST DO: go hiking with a favorite person, a son or son in law, daughter or grandchild.  Let the experience be a moment for exercise and bonding.  Treasure the moment.

MUST DO:  sign up for Geo Cache on the Internet.  See how many treasures you can find.  Share the results with someone special.

MUST DO: read at least one book a week.  Choose from the classics, those you always said you were going to read.  Consider getting a Kindle or a Nook.

MUST DO: take a long time acquaintance to lunch.  Let it be someone you haven’t seen or visited in a very long time.  Renew your friendship.  Find out what you have missed from not having been in touch.

MUST DO: visit a local museum or library.  Discover what it is they have of interest, find something that you didn’t know about your hometown.  Search for something you might donate to help the local library or museum increase its interest to others.

MUST DO: get in touch with a local long time resident whose experience and background can open up windows of information about the past.  Spend time listening to their stories.

MUST DO: wander through the local cemetery.  Identify names and dates of persons who have made contributions to your hometown and its history.  Invite someone to go along with you.

Perhaps, 16 won’t be enough for your MUST DO list.  There is no requirement to limit it.  Allow your own interests and curiosity to spur others.  The idea is to keep your mind and body active. Doing so will also generate more enthusiasm about living and sharing life with others.

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