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SCJ, a Cooperative Venture

Senior Citizen Journal is produced six days a week, excluding Saturdays, when most of our readers seem to be off doing whatever it is is retirees do on Saturdays.  It is written, edited and produced by Doctors Sharon Shaw Elrod and Jerry D. Elrod.  We have been married for 36 years.  Our lives have been dedicated to professional responsibilities and positions over those years.  Upon retirement our daughter, when asked by Sharon one day, what her suggestion would be to occupy “my” time and interests, replied:  “Have him create a blog on the internet.”  Thus, our collaborative enterprise was born.

That has been a few years ago now and we are extremely pleased with the results.  Our international readership has become increasingly devoted and increases by the week.  The formula for this has been the teamwork that goes into creating this daily presentation of articles, opinions, ideas, information and inspiration to help our readers become our “partners in productive aging.”

While Sharon and I continue to do the lion’s share of putting SCJ together, we are fortunate to have the experienced, well informed and traveled expertise of our brother in law who writes for SCJ Senior Travel pageJim Becker’s daily reports bring numerous readers for ideas on where to travel, how to get there, how to have a hassle free trip, and invites exploration to places one might never have thought of visiting.  In short, he knows the globe and how to make it fun to explore.

We occasionally have guest writers to add their particular expertise and insights to concerns that involve the senior and matters which may make life’s complexities a little less daunting.

A recent addition to our stable of writers is Gramma Ellie whose career in counseling and life experiences focuses on helping the senior to cope with issues, similar to those in her own life. Go to the Gramma Ellie tab and click there for her articles.

SCJ Invites Your Participation

Sharon and I spend considerable hours every week at this “labor of love,” which helps us to give our own lives focus and press us to give to others what may be useful in their own aging experience.  We are pleased that we have been able to partner with so many of you and hope you may find it an expansive and appropriate way to spend and share part of your day with others. We try to be sensitive to points of view that are controversial, but need some light shed upon them.  We attempt to be fair and balanced in our articles.  When presenting conclusive information, we always document what is posted.  We do not espouse a particular point of view, but may, on occasion, differ from yours.  We hope you may find growth and not take offense.

We appreciate the ideas which come our way in the manner of searches for topics of interest.  That helps us to know what we need to be alert to in seeking out information and ideas that may be helpful in what we write here.

In the coming year, we hope you will continue to be a regular guest and invite others, of our age and condition, to come see us.  Sit with your morning coffee and ruminate over what we have to say here which may contribute to your day being more productive. If you are inclined, drop us a note now and again.  Keep the dialogue open.  We value each and every one of you.   Jerry and Sharon

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