Senior Citizen Journal: We Aren’t McDonald’s… Yet

May 9th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We aren’t McDonald’s yet, but we are on our way. Senior Citizen Journal (SCJ) topped out at over 100,000 hits just this past weekend. It has been a steady climb since our start in August of 2008. We developed an international senior citizen audience. We worked at our credibility and usuability as more and more search us out.

It has been a daily delight to offer information, ideas, opinions, and insights to those who come our way. Sometimes you provide us with ideas that we expand upon, e.g. an upcoming article on Myths of Aging.

We would like to be a household word among seniors, as we probe more and more of the concerns that impact all of us. Health care, Social Security, Medicare, senior concerns, senior travel are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to those matters that give pause to Seniors, already there or approaching.

During the upcoming year, we will likely be as surprised as you are by some of the things that grab attention. We will do our best to remain current and to be accurate in what we report, although we are still not Ipad conversant in our own work and efforts. The real expert on the staff is Sharon, whose articles are full of well-researched and current concerns. The guy who writes Senior Moments does what he has done for well over 60 years, sits down and types out a conversation he is having with himself. Sometimes it shows.

Our travel editor, Jim Becker, is a real gift. He has been so many places, keeps up with so many things that it amazes us how he keeps all the plates in the air.  Our continual hats off to you, Jim!

And the behind the scenes experts at Mandarich Media Group are the exceptionally qualified pros who keep the website operational.  Without them, we would never have gotten beyond the first ten visitors, let alone 100,000! 

Stay with us, while we continue to work at being “Your Partner in Productive Aging.”

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