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Life at Senior Citizen Journal

When we began creating Senior Citizen Journal, we had no idea that it would come to have such popular and consistent readership internationally. Our efforts, while humble, have come to suggest that seniors are curious and concerned for their day to day welfare and productivity.  Rightly so.  We are pleased that our contributions are so widely and well received.  We are hopeful that they will continue to be.  We are committed to reflect the concerns and issues which are part of a senior’s on-going adjustments to aging.

It happens that your issues are the very ones that catch us up in our day to day questions, struggles, interests.  The fact is that we have a great deal in common.  That is so because we are at the very center of the concerns that are tantamount to growing older. Frankly, aging is a process.  And that process engages us in identifying all the variety of issues that present themselves to us every day of our changing lives.

Getting old is not a frame of reference that lends itself to encouraging and improving one’s existence.  Growing older is.  Growing older is an opportunity to be strengthened, to be better tomorrow than I am today, to combat the weaknesses that are so easily encouraged, while enabling a spirit that helps us thrive with each passing day.

SCJ, Your Partner in Productive Aging

Senior Citizen Journal is your partner in productive aging.  It has become a part of our discovering how to adapt and adopt methods and manners that help us have a more wholesome and satisfying experience as we age.

The other day I visited a friend whom I have known since high school.  We briefly touched on “getting older.”  She quickly retreated from the subject with “oh, let’s not talk about that.”  Perhaps “talking about that” can be threatening.  However, staying in touch with how to thrive as each year passes is a worthy goal and self serving motivation. Ignoring, denying, and avoiding the aging process is no way to cope.  Staying current with procedures and possibilities which help keep your mind strong, body alert, spirit engaged are ways to reinforce what is in your favor as you reach toward your next birthday.

So, dear reader and friend and partner, stay with us.  Encourage others to find here, as you apparently have, means for giving meaning to your own life and its vibrant possibilities for being sharp and curious and alert.  We are glad to be your comrade in “growing older productively.”

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