Senior Citizen Concern Over Gulf Oil Crisis

Jun 25th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

No other subject seems to have the draw and appeal as what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico.  Read the reflections of those journalists who have been there, recording and reflecting the pain of those who live there.  Listen to the agony of long time residents whose livelihoods have been anchored in these waters.  There is no other subject with such magnetism.  There is no other compelling topic which seems to push persons to look toward the ocean to see their lives being radically changed.  This collision has brought about nature’s bumping into big business.  This drama, being acted out on a huge watery stage, tells a story of tragedy, pain, heartache, evolution that will eventually take its full toll on water creatures, fowl, humans with environmental consequences reaching far beyond our imaginations.

This is no one or two week phenomenon.  We are well past that.  It may get pushed off the front pages, but the oil will continue to push its ways toward shores and leave its mark on beaches.  It is and will continue to be haunting.  It is more macabre than a huge and mighty monster rising up and leaving its prints on the stained sands.  No horror movie can match how this will bring fright and fear to all of us.  Someone asked, “is God playing a trick on us?” God has nothing to do with it.  But we do.  We who ignore, at our own peril, the effects of our own behavior, the denial of real life consequences, will be the ones who pay, in one way or another, for the devastation being wreaked across the southern Gulf. 

It won’t come with an easy fix.  Politicians won’t be able to blow sufficient hot air to melt the oily slime.  Blame games won’t cure the dying and the disappearing creatures.  We are finally at a crossroads, which happens to occur in the ocean.  We can continue our turning our heads and decrying those who have, for so long, plead with us to see, smell, be aware of what is happening to the need for sensitivity in conservation and awareness of the raping of nature.

If we have, this time, tipped the balance too far, we will know it.  If there is still time, perhaps we will discover it.  If there is ability on the part of more of us to adapt to finding ways to make a difference in our current circumstances, maybe we can lock arms and do so.  Some grow weary of hearing how urgent matters are.  Better to grow wearry than to be blinded by an apathy which will take us under.

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