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Kudos to Senior Citizen Journal Travel Editor, Jim Becker

Senior Citizen Journal travel editor, Jim Becker, does such a first class job offering travel and exploratory adventures. His world wide knowledge and personal experience at leading tours, traveling abroad, and teaching all have enabled well informed articles for exciting travel options.  He guides you through stimulating places to go, marvelous sites to see and ways to cut overhead while doing so.

We recommend Jim as a resource, which many of you have already discovered.  We also invite you to share his knowledge and experience with others who are looking for exotic adventures. Jim, you might be surprised, is  my brother-in-law.  I hold him in high respect and envy his ability to make a choice and follow through with wise planning for memorable trips.  He and his youngest daughter are in the process of planning their next trip.  What a wonderful way to create a close bond and enjoy the world at the same time!

Travel Planning Discipline

Planning a trip is no small undertaking.  Knowing how to identify those scenic, historic and intriguing spots that make an international trip so exhilarating requires some planning discipline. Ordinary travel can be boring.  Spicing travel with out of the way places and little-known spots is one way to make your trip both unique and memorable for a long time to come.

Follow SCJ travel articles for suggestions of places to go, scenes to see, unique places to explore and interesting cuisine to enjoy. You will be glad you started your trip with someone who enjoys his written travels as much as he has his own well-planned personal adventures.

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