Retirement’s Boundless Opportunities and Wide-Open Doors

Sep 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In a recent conversation with a friend of more than 50 years, I invited her to share some ideas with me about how she might envision my spending the rest of my retirement years. She was, as she always is, gracious in her response. I list here the ideas she shared with me. Maybe, you have friends who would offer you similar motivations in considering the investment of yourself in ways not previously seriously considered. She is perceptive enough, and has known me long and well enough, to put together the possibilities with the characteristics that define me as a person. So, if you are fortunate enough to be in such a friendship, then push for someone to offer you their objective perceptions of where you might head on your next road in life’s unfolding adventures.

At first, she shared this list with me verbally. When I prevailed upon her to email me her list and asked for permission to reprint it here, she was kind enough to allow that. Thanks, Judy! Her list included these ideas:

“You obviously enjoy writing, and you’re good at it–so give yourself permission to write that book. Write your autobiography, a family history, a collection of short stories, the great American novel. If not now, when?

“You like dogs so–raise purebred puppies, enter dog shows, win championships! Become a dog show judge! Or volunteer at the humane society.

“Take classes–art? woodworking? gourmet cooking? Learn something new, try something you’ve thought about but never had time to do.

“Learn to play a musical instrument, if you don’t already.

“Learn a second language.

“Become a certified master gardener.

“Build a greenhouse, collect rare plants. Grow orchids and you’ll always have something beautiful blooming for your home.

“Become an authority on something. Antique toys or rare books come to mind. Open a shop specializing in that item–you could find another retiree to staff it and you could travel the country searching out your inventory. Or sell what you can bear to part with on EBay.

“If the real estate market in Scottsdale is sufficiently depressed, consider buying properties in Scottsdale that need refurbishing or TLC, renovate them and hold for a profit when the market recovers (it will eventually).

”Last but not least, keep in touch with old friends back home!”

Now, that’s what I call a real friend.

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