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Beginning the Day with Peace

Every morning now, several deer graze in our side lawn, just outside the windows of our library where SeniorCitizenJournal is composed. It becomes our joy to watch as they idly search for what morsels they can find.  Our two dogs haven’t spotted them, so they go about their wanderings unperturbed.

Up the hill from us, there are even more.  It is a bit further from the roadway, with less traffic and more wide open space.  Sometimes there are as many as 30 or more feeding on what there is.

The peacefulness of the experience reminds one of how many don’t get to enjoy the quiet wonders of nature, get caught up in their day of rush and hurry and lose out on the chance to experience reminders of how beautifully peaceful a morning can really be.

Life Choices for Seniors

In a while, deer season will open and the few who gather will be more cautious, less conspicuous, more aware.  Now, they are free to roam, to enjoy the safety of our few acres, to go from pond to grass and back again.  They hang out near the house now because the gardens are watered regularly, and food here is more plentiful. They need to eat too, even when it is our landscaping.  The drought changes everything.

Wherever you live your life, we hope you can find ways to experience morning pleasures.  Retirement is a time for identifying such moments and savoring them as often as possible. Life has a way of becoming too demanding, occupied with too few moments when we can just be and look and enjoy.

Find your morning pleasures.  Find your quiet time, to just sit and appreciate all the gifts and blessings you’ve been given. Spend time in the morning being thankful for the Grace in your life.  Pleasure yourself for a while every morning.

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