Retirement: Find Money in Unexpected Places

Sep 9th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog
It took a long time to begin sorting through and actually using coupons. But, now it seems practical and prudent. It took even longer to decide to be disciplined about returning items not needed, often bought on impulse.

Often, when renewal deadlines loom, like getting the car inspected, paying bills before the due date, having your car serviced before 5k miles…all seem to be “responsible” things to do. Except: it costs you money. Keep and use your money before the penalty sets in. Don’t give the state an extra month of your inspection sticker. Auto manufacturers are saying that 5000 miles is a goal, not necessarily a mandate.

So, you have begun to find money in unexpected places.

  • The Internet and magazines are often full of offers to save money. It just takes time to sort through them and to read the small print. For every $100 spent on groceries, at some stores a ten-cent discount per gallon is offered.
  • Changing buying habits will reap many benefits. Instead of buying the nationally advertised brand, look for the store brand. Compare quality. Read labels. Be aware of quantity (some items are being reduced in size, but price remains the same). Save money!
  • Look out for gimmicks as in “ten items for a dollar per item.” Sounds good, but is it? Check out sales. Ask questions, how does a merchandiser make money when offering items at 70 to 90% off. Avoid buying “stuff” near to the check out line, e.g. candy, gum, national expose’ magazines, etc.
  • Consolidate trips. Make one trip which includes a mapped out plan to hit all the errands you must run. Buy gas at the end of the errands, so you have a full tank on the way home.
  • Browse stores for special bins of “specials” or close outs.
  • Watch out for the $19.99 plus shipping and handling offers on television. Avoid the temptation to have one of everything.
  • Remove your name from unwanted solicitation lists.
  • Oh, and by the way, check the air pressure in your tires. Carrying more pressure increases your gas mileage.

    You will be surprised, if you look, at how much money can be found in unexpected places.

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