Retirement: Changing Habits and Habitat

Sep 4th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Two of the adjustments that often come with retirement involve changing habits and habitat. Not everyone moves from their home, but many choose to resettle elsewhere. Habitat change is an upheaval that some choose not to go through.

Habits, however, are a universal phenomena in retirement. Our day to day routine for the newly retired is met with “what am I going to do” with my time. There are as many answers as there are retirees. But, it is not always easy to come up with answers that are really satisfying and fulfilling.

Instead of answering the obvious, I suggest a frame of mind for approaching the task of Changing Habits.

>Establish a workable routine. Avoid ruts, but have a clear road map for day to day activities.

>Agree with your spouse what your role will be now that you are no longer in the employed world.

>Of course, you may choose to find employment. If so, do it with a sense of what you can learn and enjoy.

>Recognize that answering the “what can I do” question will come frequently.

>Explore arenas untested before. Try your hand at new things. Don’t be bashful. You are not being graded for outcome. Fail happily!

>Find new acquaintances whose situation and interests parallel your own.

>Stay away from the TV as an excuse for something to do.


>Discover new ways to assure your health needs (mental, physical, psychological) are met.

>Look at your own spirituality. Choose to embrace one which will enrich you and give others inspiration.

>Avoid pessimism and negativism at all costs.

>Avoid complaining about your health, the world, and anything else which will drive people away from you.

>Commit yourself to having fun, no matter what!

Now, you are ready to look at the specifics for retirement. Deliberate Carefully, Choose Well, Prepare to enjoy yourself and your new life!

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