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Senior Citizens Relax on Vacations

Last week we took a week off and found ourselves cast in a new environment where routine and relaxation were given new definitions.  It was a holiday of complete and utter relaxation where eating out became the norm and sleeping in was everyday possible.

It was a time to be with family, a chance to do some exploring, an opportunity to be carefree.  Not often enough do we give ourselves permission to be so free.  Not often enough do we open ourselves to such casual and unencumbered expenditure of time and energy.

Magic holidays are moments for total release and complete disregard for set agendas.  Finding that one can be released from day to day demands that are often habits, and not always good ones, is a way for one’s body and spirit to find new vistas to enjoy. We have all been well-schooled in the very direct relationship between body and spirit, and the influence each has on the other.  Senior healthy living means keeping both body and spirit in a good place… healthy.

Retirement – Every Day is a Holiday

My mother in law, in retirement, has long declared that “everyday is a holiday”.  It can be.  In some cases, and over some periods of time, it needs to be.  If life in retirement is not an occasion to find new worlds to explore, then why retire? Retirement is a state of being which requires some discipline, in the best sense of that word, for maximizing the time, finding ways to invest your resources of energy, and creatively developing a persona that fits your new-found freedom. All kinds of possibilities beckon.  All sorts of new and vivid releases await.   You don’t have to do tomorrow what you did today.  You can open doors and windows that let in all kinds of unexpected wonders.

The magic of holidays in retirement requires a willingness to fight back too much routine, to dispel boredom, to be open to the unexpected.   Doing so can give your health a new boost, your attitude a kick start, your frame of reference a whole new category of experiences and wonders.

Create your own magic by going and doing and finding and opening yourself to the wonders of this age, just as you did as a child.  This is your second childhood moment when magic can happen all over again.

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