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Retirees Increase with Baby Boomers

Someone has come up with this rather startling number. Ten thousand Baby Boomers are retiring every day.  No one is credited with the statement, so we accept it as a given. Likely it isn’t too far off base. Just as there are fewer and fewer WWII veterans left, so there are more and more boomers coming to the age of retirement. Looking around, it feels as if it’s getting crowded in here.

More and more retirees have begun showing up in all kinds of places. More and more seniors are moving to the SunBelt, exploring options in Florida, and even abroad for retiring. More and more are qualifying for senior discounts. More and more appeals address age related products, medications, and so on.

Clearly there is a lot of competition for our time, our money, our presence, our abilities, our interests, our inclinations. Senior Citizen Journal alone draws quite a group every day searching for all kinds of issues and concerns that have to do with productive aging.

One has to be cautious and prudent in selecting sites to visit, information that may or may not be helpful. Snake oil is still very much in demand.

Addressing Demands in Retirement

Retiring brings with it a host of decisions, choices and demands which will influence how you live, what you do, and how you spend your resources of time and money.

It is not to be taken for granted. Adjustments in retirement are as frequent as the sun rising every day. Choices will come from every direction. Just as your mail box may be filled with solicitations, your email and other means for “getting your attention” will increase. Discipline and discernment will be necessary.

  • Register for “Do Not Call” lists.
  • Learn how to sort and winnow out advertising in your mail box.
  • Be careful to whom you give your address, electronic or otherwise, or phone number.
  • Consider your privacy is as valuable as jewelry. Don’t flaunt it. Some seem to think junk mail marks you as important, sought after. You are, but not necessarily to your benefit.
  • You may also be sought after for volunteer involvement. Accepting or refusing is up to you. Just make your choices with care. Because you seem to have so much discretionary time available now, doesn’t mean you should commit it all right away. Select with care. Give yourself to those things that boost you and your investment of time and energy.
  • Keep in mind those things to which you are already committed. As you add new opportunities do so with the big picture in mind. Don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t feel as if you are the only one who is being sought after. Remember the other 9,999 in your class of retirees.

Making choices with your health and happiness in mind will more likely ensure living without regrets.

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