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Easy to Fall Into Lethargy

Lethargy is a senior’s curse. It sneaks up on you when you seem to have little interest in anything, little desire, less enthusiasm, no drive.  It takes over.  It is insidious.  It steals interest. It robs enthusiasm for anything. It lies in wait and attacks just before you are readying yourself to rise from that temptingly delicious chair.

Holidays allow for it.  Getting away with being unmotivated is quite okay.  Everyone assumes that we deserve the choice of doing little, attempting nothing.

Truth is we often take advantage of a self imposed and unregulated state of downright laziness. We have earned it, we tell ourselves.   We deserve time that is ours to do nothing if we wish.   The problem with that is it can become habit, routine, unregulated indifference.

Resuming speed, getting up steam, generating some satisfying energy for appreciating the world and what it offers are invitations that require our having some enthusiasm for the task of living.   Days without interest accumulate and draw no dividends.

Life Beyond a Senior’s Small World

Self motivating activity requires having interest in what is going on outside your small world.  Interacting with others may require making choices, at first difficult to make.   But, with the inclination to involve yourself with others, to engage in exploratory conversation, to discover similar interests and ideas can open up new and unusual mental and physical activity in your life.

Resuming speed means that the new year presents unexpected and unanticipated adventure, opportunity, occasions for new wonders and new insights. Opening oneself to these delicious new tastes in the menu of life means that you are still a part of the energy that helps to make life rich and satisfying.

So get out there, be ready, open up, look far and wide, search for the invitation to be.  Resume speed at whatever rpm you feel is okay.  Do it, before that sinister and discouraging distraction tempts you to settle back in.  Overcome, be in charge, Choose to Resume Speed.

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