Respect and Honor, Earned and Deserved

Jul 4th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

On this July 4th, let seniors offer our respect and honor to those who have earned and deserve it.  Let us find a way to reinforce a sense of genuine, heart felt, non dramatic, deeply genuine regard for those who have shown us how to be patriotic.  Not just by waving flags or shooting off fireworks or participating in parades, but through an attitude, a sense of honor, a showing of respect.

Respect has been lost in many quarters.  It is not even taken for granted.  Little things.  Little salutes to pride, to courtesy, to thoughtfulness, to humility.  Opening a door for someone at a local supermarket the other day felt good when the usually overlooked thank you was proffered.  Little things.

In the 40’s, when we were at war, it was customary to see small flags with one or two stars on them, hanging in a prominent window of homes.  It was not showy, it wasn’t just a fad, it was deeply reminding that that home had one or two serving in the military during the Second World War.  Respect was being shown.  Those who passed by knew what it meant.

Today, groups join at airport terminals to greet returning veterans or soldiers, finishing their assignments or home for a respite.  It is not done just for show, it demonstrates respect and honor.

For those who stand in opposition to the wars, it is not disrespect, it is anxiety about more of our troops being sacrificed for a cause we can’t quite get our arms around.  We honor the troops, but we cannot abide the horror.

This July 4, let’s use it to sort out how to demonstrate honor and respect.  Let’s find a way to be deep down caring about how we can carry the flag with genuine regard for those who serve under it.  Let’s show our respect. Let’s demonstrate honor.

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