Reshaping Self Image at 70

May 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How aging slips up on you and surprises you with its illusions and tricks and blind curves. When did you get the idea that you had reached your level of comfortable maturity? Was it in your 30’s, or 40’s or 60’s or not yet? The question might be better asked: “when did you reach your first level of comfortable maturity?” Follow that with, and how long did it last?

Maturing is a continuum. You don’t ever reach it, you just keep climbing, attempting to scale its heights, hoping not to slide back, hanging on to the strength the climb requires, learning from the dangers along the way. Self image assists your strength, enables your willingness to risk, provides awareness of the need to look at life and yourself differently. What has been doesn’t need to always be. The mirror may serve as an external motivation. Your heart and soul and mind will tell you when its time to reshape the internal person you are.

Man, am I ever still climbing, but much more slowly, less deliberately, without so much awareness of the stamina it takes to keep going, and lacking in remembering what I am gaining along the way.

There are so many dreaded dangers that are a part of the climb Looking down or back is probably unwise. If you are inclined to vertigo, look straight up. If you are clumsy of foot, choose your footholds carefully. If you are weak of hand, hang on for dear life. Reshaping that image will take the willingness to take chances, to risk, to breathe deeply and to decide the climb is worth it.

Self Image is much like some of the apparel we have kept in our closets too long. Those old jackets may be outmoded, moth holes may be obvious, frayed sleeves or collars may compromise its attractiveness. Sometime its just time for a make over. Some say that can’t be done. Others will argue that it must be done. Most don’t choose to wear the same wardrobe everyday. Choosing a different outfit is an attempt at image change. Changing hairstyle, getting a new pair of glasses may help you be seen and see differently.

My goal is to work on the change. I know lots of people who will be gratified. Others won’t care. But I will be the one rewarded, because who I was and who I wish to be change as I mature.

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