Remote Controls and Other Valuable Possessions

Aug 23rd, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Thank God for the remote control! My habit for using it has been not so much to switch channels to something as to get away from those obnoxious $19.95 ads and “But wait” products that promise ideal solutions to every need.

My pact with the television set is that I won’t allow that kind of brusque, harsh and rude presence in my home. I wouldn’t accept it from a real, live human guest. Therefore, why should I permit it on the screen? In other words, my message is “Stop yelling in my house!” Either the set goes off or the channel gets switched.

That’s not a bad rule for lots of things which seek our undeserved attention these days. I wouldn’t buy a car because I saw it in a television ad. I don’t buy medications, prescribed or OTC, because a handful of people tell me how wonderful it is. And I am sure not going to buy some plastic concoction or other over-promoted gadget to “change my life!”

My guess is that those of us who are willing could help change some of that ugly behavior and also unsought solicitations that come our way over the TV, through the mail, or in recorded phone calls.

A discipline I have had for several years has reduced the number of junk mail pieces we get. I return those which come with a prepaid envelope stuffed with their stuff and a note that reads:
“Send no more Junk.” It works. Phone calls are answered, but the answer is not the one solicitors want to hear. Ads on TV, well we’ve already discussed that.

So take control of your time and your attitude. Let those who interrupt an otherwise perfectly nice day (not to mention meal) know you are out to them every time they try to slip into the solitude of your own home.

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