Remember in November 2014

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Vote in November 2014

We seniors have lived through a lot of elections in our lives. Some of us have been ‘life-long’ Republicans or Democrats. And some of us have voted on the ‘Independent’ ballot much of the time. All elections are important, and the November 2014 election is no different.

The November election is mid-term. We’re not electing a President in this election, and as a result, people (especially Democrats) tend to ignore the right to vote and just don’t go to the polls. Some towns and cities try to address that tendency, and choose a mail-only ballot. Fountain Hills, AZ, made that choice, and all registered voters in town received their mail-in ballots this week. Seems like a good idea to us!

For those registered voters who think their vote doesn’t really count and who plan to ignore the November election, this is for you.

Why Should I Vote in November?

Senior Citizen Journal is a politically and theologically progressive website. That means we have some well-defined notions about how we think people should behave with regard to their religious and political thinking. So let us tell you why we think it is important to vote in November, and to vote for specific candidates who fall largely within the Democratic or Independent Party.

  1. The Congressional stale-mate of the past six-plus years was planned by leaders of the Republican Party the night President Obama was inaugurated.  Robert Draper’s book, Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives, chronicles the invitation-only meeting held by leaders of the Republican Party, during which the plan was crafted to obstruct absolutely every piece of legislation that came to the Speaker’s desk. So the do-nothing Congress of the past six years is not a result of two parties unable to come together; it is largely the direct result of a Republican plan to bring the legislative process to a halt.
  2. We believe that if government is going to provide economic relief for citizens in need, the relief should be directed toward the poor, elderly, women and children and those who have suffered from discrimination in our social and political systems. Republicans continue to support relief for corporations on the mistaken belief that somehow if corporations pay very little tax, they will somehow provide economic benefit to those who need it. Corporate welfare is a sham and needs to be stopped. Republicans will not stop giving money to rich people/companies because those companies elect Republicans. Your vote for Democratic candidates brings us closer to requiring corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.
  3. Social Security is not going broke. Republicans want to either change or dismantle or privatize Social Security, for the benefit of wealthy corporations and the detriment of the elderly and disabled. Educate yourself about this topic and be aware of the need for representatives in Congress who support senior citizens and the need for our Social Security lifeline to be left alone.
  4. After spending the last six years doing almost nothing, the House of Representatives has now voted to sue President Obama over executive orders they think he should not have issued. Although the actual cost of such a lawsuit is not yet know, some projections suggest the cost will be in excess of $5 billion of our tax dollars. We trust you see the incongruity of this expenditure in the face of refusing to fund many programs over the past six years that would have benefited American citizens.

Your vote counts. And the upcoming election is a critical one. We will continue to write about this issue over the coming days and weeks. Stay tuned!



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