Reclaiming the Good Name of Religion

Sep 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What is the IQ of someone who believes and espouses that “puberty is the age of consent?” Well that is just one of the off the wall, crazy, misinformed opinions of the latest “evangelist” to flame out. Not unlike politicians, some preachers use their positions to propound theories and exact obedience that costs the rest of us in pain and currency.

There have been too many of these snake oil sales persons who continue to use slimy methods to “sell” their religion. How many will be duped? How many more will be ripped off, raped, held up?

In the name of religion, for centuries, we have seen leaders and licentious preachers, albeit evangelists, who are sure they have the keys to unlock all the mysterious doors of existence, if (and it is always a big IF) we will turn our allegiance and largess to them. For God’s sake, why is God subject to such abuse? For God’s sake, why is religion whatever some backwoods dummy says it is? Religion needs to be taxed, but not faith. Religion is a much maligned and misused medium that serves the leaders more often than the followers. It is time to quell the demons of darkness. The only way to do that is to expose them to the light of day and truth and objectivity. No More Snake OIL!

If that is the best religion can do, then like so many commercial products on the shelves, there is little or no need for it at all Religion deserves, as does patriotism, its good name back. James Thurber, author of “Further Fables for our Time,” wrote: “It is better to have the ring of freedom in your ears than in your nose.” Wake up, Think, Question, Probe! Even though I have been a United Methodist minister all my life I do not hold some magic formula which says I have all the answers. If God really is God, you were created and given the chance to do some thinking for yourself. Do it. It may surprise you how much wiser you become.

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