Receiving Good News, A Senior’s Best Moments!

Jul 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

As one ages, the ring of the telephone can be a tension producing moment.  Most really serious calls come late at night, but some interrupt otherwise ordinary days.  That is why when a call comes, particularly at a low level threat time of the day, it is so welcome.

Among the really good news one gets these days is when an offspring calls sharing encouraging news about their life, their financial situation, their job and maybe an upcoming promotion, their health, the good place he and his significant other are right now.  Such good news raises the endorphin level and lifts the spirit.  Such a call just came and it could not have been more timely. 

Trouble and downers seem to be the order of our day.  Not because we are especially bad off, but so many are.  The slightest hint that the state of the world, anybody’s world,  has had good news is both encouraging and promising.  It suggests that, at least a corner of our cosmos, is seeing light of day. 

While much is wrong with the condition of the human race, there are glimmers now and then that hope can and does break through.  There are indicators that some of the down times may begin to be lifting.  There is, in the breast of us all, a need to be affirmed, to have a chance, to believe in ourselves, to be told we are of value.  In any day of one’s existence, the best gift of the day is a compliment, reinforcement, to feel that someone else admires you, your work, who you are and what you offer.

Whether still employed or a volunteer, seniors need to do two things:  find ways to do your own job or tasks well, take it seriously and to be the best you can be at what you do; the second, equally important, is to observe others, peers, colleagues, friends, neighbors, cohorts and let them know how well they do their job.  We never tire of being affirmed.  

And when someone, family or other, shares good news with you, let them know how you are pleased for them and how special they are and deserving to have been so recognized.

Add to that a smile, a warm hug or handshake and the day will have been extra special for  both of you.

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