Privileges Available to Grandparents

May 29th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

It was the holiday weekend. The phone rang. It was our granddaughter. She simply asked if she could come over and “hang out,” spend the night and part of Memorial Day. Guess what our reply was? That, dear GPs, is one of the privileges of being a grandparent. As the Master Card commerical would say, its “priceless.”

These privileges come for grandparents, wherever you live, whatever the age, but particularly so when you are geographically near. On the other hand, how about that high school graduation of one of our granddaughters way off in Michigan in another week. Airplanes, while not the luxury liners they once were, still offer the best choice for long distance travel.

Privileges for grandparents are translated into joy and excitement and fun and good times and memories. They are good for everyone who experiences these privileges, exchanges them, and thrives from them. They are emotional uppers. They are like gifts that never lose their value.

Every micro minute spent with a grandchild is one that multiplies into satisfaction, smiles, usually lots of hugs and numerous other of life’s good things. Any investment in travel, any means that allows for uniting, spending time together, enlarging affection will pay dividends so long as each of you lives. So go for the privilege. Allow yourself the luxury of loving and knowing and cherishing your grandchildren. It is a privilege that is priceless.

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