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Proactive Behavior Lifts the Spirit

Since you are reading this, you must have access to a computer.  Go to YouTube and look up Susan Boyle.  There are videos of her stellar performance when she came on the scene like gangbusters, singing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables.  If that doesn’t sweep the doldrums away nothing can.  She literally knocked it out of the park for audience and judges and television viewers alike.  She demonstrated how a 47 year old, plump, but determined, female can achieve her dream. She did it and has been doing it ever since.  Susan Boyle is an inspiration to those who would seek to find that lifting one’s spirits is possible.

Another of my favorites is “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King.  In this video he is joined by two of the young stars from the movie, and together they sweep up the audience with their ability to be upbeat and full of contagious happiness.  Sadly, the personal story of one of the actors, turns tragic.  River Phoenix dies before he is able to achieve the stardom, to which he was destined.

Music Brings Relief From Emotional Pain

There are other profound messages offered through the medium of popular music and artistic expression. Music therapy has been shown to successfully treat depression on a short-term basis.  This study in Finland and Norway revealed improvement in symptoms of depression while patients were involved in playing musical instruments.  The momentary ‘spirit-lifting feeling’ is in fact documented in psychiatric research. The beautiful melody, “It’s Impossible,”  popularly sung by Perry Como and others is one of the uplifting, soaring tunes, with words that move and shake the soul.

The ever popular Broadway play “Man of LaMancha” always brings the audience to its feet when the stirring, “To Dream the Impossible Dream” is performed. Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” cannot fail to challenge any depression, chase away all despair.

Such creatively, inspiring and emotionally captivating words and music have a way to reach to the depths of our souls and remind us that no matter what, there is a way up and out of any depression, a means for overcoming any distress, a formula for defeating life’s negatives and finding directions for getting out of the trap we may feel we have fallen into.

So, go online, right now, and search for one of these or a host of others that may give you what you seek.

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