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Continuing our Preferred Behaviors theme, today we address the matter of choosing relationships that enrich. Falling into the trap of assuming that things are just the way they are and there is nothing to be done about them, is a rather futile and defeatist attitude.

If plagued with situations that you feel you have no power to control or change, then you are condemning yourself to a pathetic and predictable pattern of relationships, circumstances and involvements that will give ruin to your days.

So the rule is if you are plagued with situations that bring a whole series of negative influences down upon your life, then get rid of them.  Allowing the prospect of continuing a relationship for fear of “hurting someone’s feelings” hurts you more than the other.  Allowing that  relationship to continue condemns your own days to futility.

Enriching Relationships Foster Growth

Finding relationships that enrich means cultivating genuine, trusting, wholesome acquaintances that nurture and enable positive growth and development. Staying in touch with persons whose record for reinforcing solid, stable experiences is another way to encourage relationships that enrich.

Never taking for granted that person whose ability to be there for you will be another of the choices one makes in an enriching relationship.

Finding relationships that enrich means that you work at being the kind of person that other people will seek out and cultivate for a friend themselves.  It works both ways.  Being an enriching person draws enriching persons to you.

If someone drops the hint that you have begun slipping into a negative frame of behavior,  it is time to check out what you have been projecting in your behaviors.  Am I being difficult to be around?  Am I engaging in behaviors that create discomfort for others?  Do I  give off unpleasant signals?

If I begin to be aware of behaviors in others that are unpleasant, how do I communicate with them in a way that will redirect their behavior?  Finding relationships that nurture and develop happy, friendly, fulfilling experiences is its own reward.  Projecting what you want to be in relationship with others will likely prompt their behaving similarly.  It really is contagious.

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