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A Tribute to Pat

For those 10,000 persons who are retiring every day, what plans have been set in motion to occupy your time, captivate your interest, steal your enthusiasm, capitalize on your personality?

My wife’s sister was here for a brief visit over the weekend. Over a leisurely lunch, she shared her plans for imminent retirement. She will retire on December 31, which is also the occasion of my birthday.  It pleases me that so many people find occasion to celebrate on my birthday.

She laid out some of her plans and expectations.  She has been appropriately developing plans and giving thought to just how she will invest her passing of days and meeting desires in which she has long held interest.  Pat is a person who plans well, and in a very organized fashion.

I have known people who, upon retirement, have chosen one activity to occupy them. Some people, mostly men, have set out their weekly calendar around a foursome, meeting daily and challenging themselves to improving their game.  Sometimes they do.  Often they don’t.  That’s okay if it is satisfying and entertaining.  Sufficient activity and variety are important to one’s retirement routine.

Retirement Planning

Pat, the sister, informed us that among her definite desires and interests, of longstanding, is to learn to play the harp.  What a remarkable, challenging and provocative goal.  Her determination, brilliance, and desire will all mesh to create an artist.  The satisfaction from her playing will be a gift to us all.

Her second goal is to volunteer for helping in disaster recovery, probably with the Red Cross.  Her background, for the past several decades, has been in hospice work.  She is quite proficient in that role.  It will carry over well in her retirement career.

Doing each of these will expand her mental, emotional and spiritual landscape in retirement.  She will, although she already is, be a delight to share experiences with, to share the adventures and life’s fulfilling challenges as she undertakes these and more.

Good counsel for any who are at the cusp of laying down one’s long term career and picking up a new one or new ones to explore life.  Good wishes, Pat, and may all your energies and interests continue to meet in places that make your life rich and fulfilling.



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