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Managing Downhill Momentum

Yesterday in our Just for Sunday article, we spoke of confidence in the public’s’ strength to make a difference in the upcoming election. We looked at the outcome optimistically, if we will exercise our convictions and put down the nay-sayers. It will be difficult to excel, but it is possible. If the negative powers prevail, watch out.

Today, we look to the downhill side. We are on the other side of the mountain, where our momentum will be measured by how fast we run, as we begin our trek to keep from falling, or sliding off the hill.

The downhill side is always a little more difficult to maneuver. Our speed in the race is more challenging to control. And, while the race is picking up its own speed, just because of the nature of gravity, we are bound to try to control our ability to stay in the race. It is ours to determine how important it is to us to be a part of the very precarious outcome ahead.

Americans are, or at least have been, optimistic souls. That, again at least, has been true so long as we have been led by statesmen and women who could see the future and discern there a hopeful and positive condition for the country we call home.

Centrism is Moderation

If we slide too far to the left or right, we will find ourselves off track, without real, trustworthy and stable guidance. The center is where America has found its worth, its constancy, its fairness and its truth.

Getting caught up in looking around for a path that is untested will take us likely too near the precipice. Our security is found in being there for each other, as a team, sticking together, trusting in our conviction that America still has a chance. Throwing the baby out with the bath water won’t get it.  Radicalism, historically, has destroyed cultures before. It can again.

So now, once again we stand at the very tip of the hill, before gravity pulls us downward toward the day when we will arrive at the voting booth, our safe house.  Democratically, we commit ourselves to be wise, to be influenced by sanity and to turn our backs on that and those who would push us off the edge.

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