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We are on our way, literally, to a new chapter in our lives. We have discussed here before the wisdom of making changes periodically in our lives.  So here we go.  After 15 years of retirement living, having moved from Arizona to Texas, we are on our way back to the desert, where grandchildren, our daughter and husband, Sharon’s siblings and our church home are.  Hopefully we may coerce our son and his significant other our way ere long.

It is, to be sure, though exhausting, energizing as well.  Loaded and overloaded we saw the huge truck pull away yesterday afternoon.  There was then no time for nostalgia.  Friends dropped by bidding their farewells.  A hint of sadness crossed our faces and touched our hearts.

My 92 year old Mom joins us.  That represents a huge change in her life.  She has lived in the same county all these years.

We are, to be sure, taking more than we need or deserve, we have learned that life’s series of adventures and missed adventures goes on. The past must be left where we found it and the future where we will find it.

These years have been good ones.  We reestablished ourselves in my childhood home area.  My spouse graciously adjusted to the mores and cultural shock.  But she has had to adjust several times before, and adjust she always has.

This afternoon we will mount our rented motor home, and with Mom, our 3 dedicated dogs be on our way for a leisurely trip west.  Like the work that has consumed us the past several weeks, readying for our leave, we will have more work awaiting us.  But, that’s a part of the adventure.

For now, and as Lowell Thomas used to say, “So long until tomorrow,” and Roy and Dale rogers resoundingly replied “Happy Trails to you.”

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