Not Just a Matter of Opinion, Concerns for Senior Citizens

Jun 28th, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Among the protections of editorializing is that it has been perceived as a matter of opinion, written or stated by the author or spokesperson who is brave enough to state a position.  Increasingly, some issues, that have been harbored under the umbrella of edit0rial, are really quite more than that.  They may still be dismissed with the flippant, “oh well that is his or her opinion,” suggesting that the force of what is being said is really minimized by all of us having the “right” to our opinion.

What happens, however, when, out there in the public arena, more opinions begin to reflect similar sentiment?  What happens when groups of people or large issues begin to shift in their perception by the body politic?   What happens when the wave of opinion reflects more support on one side or the other?  How does one cope with the paradigm shift that comes when your point of view is no longer sacrosanct?

Once emerging issues are now at the point when we have to step back to decide how, whether and if we are courageous enough to consider that, what was once seen as anathema, is now in the public mainstream.  One may still hold one’s private opinion, but it is less certain that expressing that opinion will be met with studied, thoughtful and opposite points of view.

Among those issues that are no longer only whispered are blatantly out there for all to see and discuss:  Gay Rights, Gay Marriage, Climate Change, Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Women’s Rights,  Racism, Collective Bargaining.  We are being compelled to open the  windows and unlock the doors behind which these were never appropriate for consideration in “polite company.”  It was considered impolite, rude, inappropriate.  It was believed that such matters were already settled and no discourse about them was necessary.  Those walls, like the Berlin wall, have come tumbling down.

The winds of change have blown away the propriety of indifference or the assumption that there can only be one correct and unequivocal point of view.  That is, and is likely to remain for sometime to come, simply not so.  Some hid behind a long discredited bumper sticker inspired mentality that suggests, or is it insists, “God said it, I believe it and That Settles it.”

Such are the promptings which encourage us to let fresh air into our staid, cigar smoke filled rooms, where our opinions were once determined.  No more may the few define how all of us may think.  The real seeds of freedom are thriving now from the deep roots of having claimed that that freedom is real and applicable to all kinds of things.  The product of freedom is available to all, both here and abroad.  Free people, free movements, freedom of expression have all caught on. The fantasy of being free has succumbed to the reality of becoming free.  It is no longer just a matter of opinion.

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