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Integrity is Essential

After tomorrow, assuming there is a clear election and not a deadlock, there will be no do overs.  Whoever is elected will be the President for four years.  Whoever is elected will be handed the reins of power.  Whoever is elected will be tested for integrity, honesty, confidence in his ability to lead, compassion for those he leads.  There will be no do overs if your candidate isn’t the one who receives the wreath of victory.

Many before Tuesday will have already cast their vote.  Many more want to, but in some quarters, namely Florida as the worst example, are being denied that right and opportunity.  What a shamefully blatant act of misused power.  There can be no do overs for politicians who make choices that deter the democratic process from working smoothly and well.

There will be no do overs if we discover that the one elected is in fact lacking in the qualities that America is begging for.   There will be no do overs if the manipulators of big money, via Citizens United, prevail.  There will be no do overs if we find on Wednesday that among those elected are many whose claims on their new found power hurt those who thought they could trust the ones for whom they voted.

Hope For Positive Outcomes

No do overs.  But, the good news is there may be an outcome, where such is neither needed, desired or necessary.  Perhaps the results will be in favor of the good and the honest and the true.  Perhaps the conscious of America will come shining through as the bright morning sun. Perhaps the thousands and millions whose aches need the curative power of caring will be lifted.  Perhaps the minorities whose lives are so often battered by those who put them down, will see the opportunity for positive reinforcement in their lives and conditions. Perhaps it won’t be necessary to call on those who have shown that there is yet in this world those who can and do offer the power of genuine resolve for introducing a better world for all.  Perhaps they will take the charge to do what they know is right and to do it with determination.

No do overs will mean that whatever we get as a leader, as well as those who are charged with the responsibility of  managing this democracy, will result in the conviction that enables the good to prevail.

Others have risen to the occasion in the past.  If we have stood on the side of right and good, then our leaders should get the message.

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