New Stimulus Plan For Seniors : Quit Watching the News

Jul 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

For seniors who have grown weary with all the bad, downright negative, personality obsessed news these days, a new stimulus plan is being recommended just for us: QUIT WATCHING THE NEWS!  There is so little of any consequence that missing it can’t really ruin your day.  My custom of watching the news has been significantly curtailed, since we have canceled our DirecTV service.  It’s a lot quieter in our house these days.  I don’t find myself calling a reporter a knucklehead.  All they do is read anyway, and some not too well. 

Newspapers no longer come to my home.  They clutter the driveway and reading them adds to the clutter of my mind.  The Internet is about my only and best source for what I really think I need to know. The best part of that is that it is easier to shift my attention away from an article or a feed if I find it offensive or irrelevant for my life.  It’s quicker than the remote and more likely to find something that is far more worthy with less commercials.

Sunday mornings used to be my favorite time to get a capsule version from talking heads on the networks. That no longer applies.  Tim Russert, God bless his soul, was the best of them and now he’s gone.  I prefer Charles Osgood now.  His perspective on the world is cleaner and calmer. 

It may seem strange, even odd, to draw stimulus from not doing something.  But, there it is.  Protecting our minds and attitudes is equal in importance to doing good things for our bodies.  Self help books have been all the rage for generations.  The best self help, I can think of, is to eliminate the poison that daily makes its way into our intellectual and attitudinal worlds.  We just don’t need all that stuff clogging up the arteries of our minds and spirits. 

This new stimulus plan won’t cost a thing and is likely to save you much distress and worry.  If the world is coming to an end,  somehow the news will break through to us “right after these messages.”

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