Never Grow Tired of Trying

Apr 9th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Sometimes when it seems you haven’t heard from someone you love and hold dear, it is a right and worthy thing to never grow tired of trying to reach out to them. None of us can second guess what is going on in another person’s life. None of us can fathom the whys that may not be available to you, when you wish they were. None can know what agendas and pressures and hurdles they may be experiencing. None of us can supply for them the answers they may be seeking right then. But, any of us can try to be in touch, to reach out, to offer a kind and loving hand.

Today’s enormous and difficult demands are such that those of us who have reached the other side of the chronological hill cannot see the struggle someone dear is enduring to climb their side. Particularly if we are not keeping in regular touch with another, it becomes all the harder to know just where they are on their climb, what treacheries they are experiencing on their ascent.

About all we can do at that point is try to be there for them, even at a far distance. Often absence and alienation are misinterpreted. They do not have to carry negative connotations. Circumstances create all kinds of static for keeping in touch. Keeping up the climb frequently interrupts the best intentions. Weariness and exhaustion block ability for sufficient energy to deal with anything but climbing onward and upward.

Initiative taking, through any variety of methods, is a noteworthy way to send a message of loving thoughtfulness. Showing consideration is always an appropriately significant way for letting others know you are still there, you still love them, you still are available to whatever their needs may be. Emotional signals sent with genuine and timely thoughtfulness are never out of season. Never Grow Tired of Trying!

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