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Seniors Rethink Vacations

The fear of taking a vacation has been sparked by the overwhelming fires in the West, the financial crunchdown in Europe, the floods in Florida and various other discouragements around the world. Perhaps, as a result, we have had our last vacation.  Perhaps the traditional escape “from” is now too much of a risk by exploring an escaping “to.”

The horror of being on a beach or in the mountains where terrible tragedies are occurring doesn’t provide much appeal to try to get away this summer.  Ordinary folk are finding that staying at home may offer little consolation.  Evacuation, sudden and abrupt, is no way to spend a couple of weeks of a well deserved escape.  Colorado is a nightmare for both  those who reside there and travel there this year.  For 18 years we owned a cabin which is in the northern path of the huge blazes engulfing Highway 24, west of Colorado Springs.  For those not yet touched by the impending blaze, we wish you well and an escape from the threat.

Stay-cations, an Alternative

Stay-cations, because of expense, have become more popular with seniors. Granted, staying may be no more satisfying than going.  It is an increasingly threatening world and environment. But being a coward is no way to live life.  People who bungee jump or take on other risks do so for the thrill and exhilaration of it.  There are other thrills that offer the sheer thrill of being challenged and pushed to the literal edge.  Hundreds of climbers have attempted to undertake Mt. Everest.  If such potential danger is your thing, there are many such opportunities out there.

Seniors who choose stay-cations do so for a variety of reasons.  Some simply enjoy hanging out at home.  Some choose not to take the chance of encountering problems and potential danger on a vacation.  Still others choose stay-cations with a plan for how they will enjoy the time – making it different somehow from daily living.

Much like retirement, there is no guarantee that you will always be safe and enjoy good health.  If this year, because all the dangers threaten you, is your last vacation, you may want to be sure your TV subscribes to all the travel and explorer channels.  At least, in the somewhat relative safety of your den, you may enjoy the sights and wonders of an air-conditioned world.

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