Moving At 70

Apr 10th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

On the road again, but this time only a bare few miles from one domicile to another. Good Idea, bad idea? Whatever, it is necessary. The house we currently occupy has been sold. Not much choice there. But, the sage asks, why not find a way to avoid moving at 70? Good question. Life circumstances and choices, which are too complex to detail here, often put us in situations we would like to be different.

The good news is that the relocation is to a deliciously wonderful house with numerous amenities and a “to die for” location. Scenic, isolated, classic, older, the home is exactly the sort of place we find suitable.

Another phenomenon, not for everybody, but working for us is we are sharing our find with in laws, a couple from the cold north, near Chicago. They are near our age and have children and mutual relatives nearby. We have worked out a communal arrangement, which the house suits very well, and the cost is equally shared. What a deal!

The labor of moving is, of course, the least desirable part, but within a day, the furniture will be in place and the simple job of placing the “stuff” can be extended over several days. So, on the whole it isn’t too bad. Later in life, I will be less likely to be so encouraging about such an undertaking.

By the way, the location is in Fountain Hills, Arizona, an idyllic area for retirement. We have shared the wonder of this location over the last 20 years. Our primary home, in Texas, is still home and will remain so for a time. Caretakers keep it safe and pristine. The best of both worlds, but of course those worlds will, of necessity, combine in time. So moving at 70, at least in our situation, is a workable and pleasant proposition. Perhaps, if your own circumstances allow, such a change could introduce a new adventure for you. Could be worth considering!

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