Marriage: What Have We Learned?

Sep 3rd, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What joy remains! August 31 marked our wedding anniversary. It was 1975 and we blended a family, closed out my five years of being a bachelor since divorce, ended the single life for my spouse, who was then 32. It was, as most times are, a time of paradigm shifts.

Thirty-three years later, what has been learned from our experience?

>We have learned that love is to be nurtured, never taken for granted, always reinforced.

>We have learned that forgiveness is a quality to be exercised regularly.

>We have learned that there are frequent bumps in the road, requiring detours.

>We have learned that anger is never a solution to problems .

>We have learned how mellow life is when you continue to be in love.

>We have learned that our children are treasures, our grandchildren, gifts, our lives a

>We have learned that living locations and accomodations are temporary.

>We have learned that loyalty and uncondtional love is permanent.

>We have learned that yesterday prepares us for today and today readies us for tomorrow.

>We have learned that finding joy and pleasure is easy when you do it together.

>We have learned that humor can be found in many of our behaviors and laughter is a balm.

>We have learned that the road ahead will have as many or more curves and perils as the road behind.

>We have learned that friends are a great part of what gives meaning to life.

>We have learned that the spirit requires enriching and there are a multitude of paths offered to enrich it.

>We have learned that learning is an important component of what keeps us young.

>We have learned that listening is a discipline and that we have two ears and one mouth.

>We have learned that the best gift we can offer others is our selves.

>We have learned that quiet meditation is a medication which heals much.

That is just what we have learned in 33 years. Can you imagine what our list will be in another 17? Make your list, take inventory of your learnings, and celebrate that you have time for learning more!

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