Making Plans For the Next Few Months

Feb 24th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Is it necessary for you to lay out your plans for  upcoming months?  While I am not as thorough with specifics, I find that some thought and contemplation of what will be required of my time during the upcoming months, is helpful to lay out. 

Those neat calendars that come with a week or a month at a time are helpful tools in helping to plan out where and how you will use your time and resources.  It is also a good way to head off that aggravating forgetfulness that I continue to wrestle with. 

Discussion is often required with others in defining your plans.  Needing to be kept up to date with occasions, times, appointments and tasks  is an ever increasing phenomenon for seniors. Stick-it notes may help, but be sure they have enough glue to keep them from falling under the refrigerator. 

My wife frequently reminds me that she is not my secretary, a luxury I enjoyed when professionally employed.  So, now I have to keep up with my own expected whereabouts.  Simple things like having the car serviced also have to be kept in a prominent place.  At or before the end of the next few months, it is wise to have already launched into your plans and appointments.  If you wait too long, you will, like me, likely miss a few dates. 

It really is quite liberating to be tied to a calendar.  The reason is that I have overcome the daily anxiety of being afraid I have forgotten something.  Now, if I can just remember what day it is, I should do alright with the rest of it.

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