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Jul 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

While it is less and less likely that a paradise can be found, many senior citizens are still diligent in their search.  Our travel section is so well visited and places and sites are so often searched that it is clear surfers are looking for places to go, sites to see, tranquility to experience. We seniors really are desperate these days for a captivating environment, where surroundings are serene and opportunities for a pleasant get away really do exist.  They are out there, but the search requires diligence, discipline and care.  It is so easy, as in so many things these days, to be unpleasantly surprised.  The definition of paradise also needs to be carefully drawn.  Finding where to go, how able you are to afford it, what may be the danger signs as you research it all are very necessary steps before leaving your own domicile.

I leave the technicalities of the search and preparations for travel to our Travel Editor.  He has been all over the world and some places repeated times.  He knows what to look for, how to travel light, how to be ready for the spontaneous and serendipitous.  Just taking off, with little on his back, and spending time absorbing oneself in the local culture, tasting the adventure, not given to worry seems to be the formula that really is recommended.  Deciding before launching does require some homework, but being open to the adventure itself and allowing surprises and wonders of somewhere else to greet you really is a way to travel, as well as live life. 

There are some givens which must be considered, of course.  I am at the age where certain physical and health issues must be taken into account.  If they are seriously prohibitive, that will mean discounting the location accordingly.  Keeping in mind the rigors of day to day explorations will make for a more practical experience.  Trying to take on hikes that require more than you can give, steps than you want to count, other barricades and detours that may wear you down before you have spent even part of a good day at your adventure will make for a troubling day and an exhausting undertaking.  Know your limitations.  Mine are more than I would wish, which means things like a train trip, a limited boat cruise ( not crowded with too many people) an understanding of the daily regimen of walking and exploring.  Before next year comes, and more impediments get in the way, that trip you have been anticipating should be planned and executed.  Saying yes to adventure is always a good idea, but saying yes while you are in condition to follow through to do it is the most important part of the planning and its execution. 

So, look for your paradise, research the most realistic possibilities and get about being on your way before paradise is limited to your den at home and day dreams of what might have been.

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