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May 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Looking for a topic is sometimes like trying to find a quote in just one of the several hundred books in my library. It takes more than sudden inspiration. An idea doesn’t automatically materialize into a well conceived series of intelligible and coherent sentences. It would be nice if it worked that way. For some, perhaps it does. Finding a meaningful way to weave several sentences into some kind of logical thought is often up to the reader more than the writer.

Sometimes I am bereft of any idea at all which suggests a topic that might offer appeal to even one reader. Sometimes I have more ideas than space or time to write them, not that they are all worthy of being committed to the printed page.

At other times, perhaps like this one, I feel in an isolated setting wondering how I can find a germ of a concept that might infect this page with words that are contagious.

So, lacking a bottomless well of ideas, I might turn to others with an invitation of writing a column for this special audience. I am happy to do that, if you will provide me with a usuable response and soon. I am happy to honor the burgeoning of ideas that come from some well other than my own. I invite you be a guest author. Send as you will and I will likely post and publish, after some possible editing, your contribution. If you see your article here, I hope you will find the thrill I find in knowing that literally people from all over the world come to read what finds its literary home here.

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