Looking for a Piece of Heaven?

May 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The time has come to make a major life change. After deliberate and extensive conversation, much grooming and primping, our Texas estate is on the market. It may be seen in full splendor at http://www.texas-country-estate-for-sale.com/. I invite you to take a virtual tour.

This wonderful dream haven requires more of me than I can any longer give, even with yard and pool help. Couple that with our having identified a second home, with family nearby, and you have the reasons for our selling this magnificent house of memories. It has been the palette on which we have created a masterpiece. As with all houses, it may have a few features that others would not find so much to their liking, but overall it rates superior compliments. It offers tranquility, privacy, an ecological paradise, a wild life refuge, a luxurious pool with waterfall, a place where deserved relaxation is a daily gift. With assistance, as we have had, both with the pool and grounds, it is not too much to manage.

Thus, we invite you to take a look and, if interested, make the necessary inquiries as outlined in our website. Our caretakers are busily keeping it manicured with all the summer growth and occasional rains helping as well.

Perhaps you will know someone who would find such a location intriguing for retirement, second home, a family residence with lots of play room and nearby lakes and streams and recreational options.

Choosing life’s options as they are presented to us is just another part of our maturation. This is one of our steps, which we hope we are taking with adequate care and appropriate insight. It isn’t easy, but life closes one door only to open another.

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