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Senior Citizen Inspiration for Loitering

Feels like a good day to take a walk, just to loiter in the alleys of my mind or better to find a meadow, with knee high grass inviting enough to wander across its paths and making new ones. Such times allow for introspection and reflection.

There will be no time for it today, but as soon as time and demands permit, I’m taking that walk.  It really doesn’t take any special preparation.  It is allowed wherever you are and for so long as you like.

Even in the middle of other duties, your mind can find escape by contemplating whatever you wish, wandering wherever you will.  It is always good.  It is a time allowing for isolated escape, for adventure in ruminating.  It is an occasion for mesmerizing moments, when you think about persons and times and  moments that have been blissfully spent.  It allows for speculation and unlimited remembering.  You can literally go anywhere your mind wishes to take you.  You can be free of “have to dos” and just be in the moment of right now and “want to dos.”

Freedom to Push Your Imagination

Living without giving oneself permission to reflect and recall and push one’s imagination to the outer boundaries means life is too restricted.  Open the gate to the backyard of your mind, let her go where she wills and explore what she wants.   Get up from that imprisioning chair and explore beyond the mundane restrictions of your life. Make a path into adventures and wonders never before explored.

Loiter around wherever you like.  There are no “No Trespassing” signs here.  You may go where your heart leads.  You may cross over to the other side.  You may make your way to the horizon and back again.

Won’t it be fun?  Imagine loitering til your heart ‘ts content.  Imagine the wonders you will find, the discoveries you will make.  Take deep and refreshing breaths. of air.  Inhale the mystery of exploring widely.  Look for new sensations in the corridors of your mind.  Go through and past and beyond until you are satisfied that this is one of those gifts of living that you want to know and feel and enjoy over and again.

Go for it.  Explore, starting  where you are and making your way wherever your spirit and soul, heart and mind wish to go. Exercise  your imagination until exhaustion lulls you into a gentle nap.  Sleep the sleep of dreamers.  Open your being to wonders untold.

Your adventure awaits.

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