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The Importance of Choices for Seniors

The driving forces for a life style choice for a senior are:  Good Health, Determination, Satisfaction, Happiness, Variety, Persistence, Humor, and Good Health.

You repeated yourself there.   Not  at all, for lifestyle is dependent on good health.  Period.

There are as many lifestyle choices as there are seniors. Those choices are driven by the kind of qualities and virtues enumerated above.  This one is ours.  This one is life.  This one is our day to day existence, made happy and full by the choices we make and the lifestyle we put together.

The basic choice for many is one of frugal tranquility, in which day to day living is pleasant, stress free, economically secure, comfortable in our own place, satisfied with our major life choices, free of stress, directed in our goals, untethered by extraneous influences, and held together with lasting values.

Choices Offer Options for Seniors

Some choose activity; if it fits their energy level and does not impair relationships or health, go for it.

Some enjoy interaction with others.  It meets their need for social interplay and conversation.  If it is a fit for you, then choose it.

Some select tranquility, peace and quiet, a sedentary life style.  If it does not compromise your state of being, then make it work.

Some find their persona in doing new and different things, never undertaken before.  Go for it.  Art, music, drama, creative investment.

Still others choose to learn personality behaviors, needing honing and refining, e.g. listening, enjoying new and different stimuli, challenging hobbies, e.g. learning a new language.

Life Style “Choices” are just that, an opportunity to put yourself out there, to learn and be and do someone/something you have never been before.  Arriving at that magic moment, when the old rules no longer apply, giving permission to soul and spirit to be open to whole new worlds is one of the inviting dimensions of growing older.  Try on a persona that you never considered before.  See how it fits.  Walk around in it a while.  Linger in its new found wonders.  Maybe, you will like it enough that it will become you.

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