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Happiness and Health for Seniors

Seniors are challenged, often daily, by finding means for keeping zest in our lives. Clearly it is a choice.  For example, if health issues threaten your ability to have adequate stamina, stirring up zest for daily activity becomes a demanding undertaking.

Or, if life seems to require more work to just get through the day, zest is all the more important.  Or, if there seems to be more frustration and anxiety confronting your daily journey, life seems to have less to offer.  If the familiar motivations that have contributed to more happiness and satisfaction in your daily living patterns, are fewer, how do you regenerate? Aging requires a daily discipline for using your imagination, for accepting and discovering challenges, for allowing your own interest in life to be stimulated.

Assuming environmental considerations which give encouragement to enjoying active participation in your daily exercise routine, there are ways to keep yourself fortified against lack of such involvement.

Tips for Remaining Active

Listening to your body is a good way to help your spirit motivate more activity and help guide you from disinterest to delight in having another day to live and to enjoy.  If the bed seems to be too tempting, then the spirit will need to be called upon to work harder to help create a day of pleasure, excitement, and enjoyment.

Having a variety of routines which call upon your body and spirit to be involved in activity, both physical and mental, will be a discipline to work hard at developing.  The more your body is required to move, to invest itself in distractions, the more your tendency toward zest will be required.

Here are some pluses and minuses, which may prove helpful and stimulating:

+Respond to first things first.  Upon awaking, rise, dress for exercise, have a cup of coffee or tea, if you like, move, i.e. walk, exercise for at least 30 minutes, stimulate your body.

+Resist the temptation to be lethargic.

+Delay the habit of  sedentary practices.

+Enjoy a healthy breakfast, not too heavy, but rich in your body’s needs to start the day.

+Avoid the following: turning on early morning TV; becoming too absorbed in watching TV keeps you from being up and about.

+By midmorning, engage in several exercises that will help your blood flow, activity level and adrenaline.

+Get your endorphins popping.

Not listing minuses, means focusing on what your body wants and really needs to give you the necessary prompts for a stimulating day and good practices to follow.

Here’s to more zest in your life.



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