Keeping Young After 70

May 8th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Sometimes, because of circumstances beyond our control, it is difficult to maintain the stamina to keep and feel young at and beyond 70. Some, whose personal disciplines have been positive, usually keep the frame in shape, the appearance relatively attractive, the heart pumping nicely and the trips to a physician few. Those are the ones we would like to emulate. They have a secret or discovered a formula early on that has worked great for them. My father in law at 93 is one of those.

While it isn’t too late to start at 70, those who started and sustained from earlier on are obviously at an advantage. Now, what do the rest of us do?

These are a few possible ideas:

*Cultivate and keep a sense of humor. Don’t take life and its issues so damn seriously. If the word “damn” bothers you, stop reading now.

*Cultivate and keep ways to be active, mentally, physically and productively. Some productivity, because of extenuating circumstances, just simply goes past 70. All of it doesn’t have to.

*Stay in touch with the world. Decide you need to know. Choose to be in the middle of things. Allow yourself to stay ahead on some and forget about the unnecessary.

*Keep your mental attitude in good condition. This one may be tough. It requires staying away from grumps. Tell them you are out, when they call.

*Stay sentimental. That is one of the choices which makes us feel good about ourselves, others and the rest of the world. If you can cry, you still have a heart.

*Reread the Wizard of Oz…remember the lion and tin man and scarecrow all discovered how to keep young and they are way past 70.

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