Keeping Up the Laughter

Jul 20th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you have noticed you aren’t laughing as much anymore, what are some things you can do to reinstate a sense of humor?  How can you generate occasions when you burst out laughing, sometimes prompted by totally nonsensical stimulations, but laughing nonetheless. The late Norman Cousins taught us all that laughter is a positive curative.  We need to rely on our ability to find humor in more of life’s experiences, in more than our funny bone, in more than promptings from external sources, but energized by our own spirits. 

Laugh more is a worthwhile urging that we need to take up every morning upon our arising.  Laughing more is a behavior we need to nudge, particularly when we allow other things and other persons to pull us down.  Laugh more so that whatever might have been creasing your brow with worry and distress is removed.  To Laugh more is the best medicine.  Laughter is the route to feeling good about the world around you.  Laughter allows for optimism and dispels negative behaviors.  Laughing is a verb which is fraught with good feelings, positive affects on your person and body, mind and spirit.

In these dreadfully dark days, we need to find ways to look around us for things to laugh about.  On these occasions when we are dragged down by despair and hopelessness, we need to discover the joys that can be prompted by our laughter.  Search out genuine comedy.  Seek persons who enjoy good stories with a comedic conclusion.  Read books that stimulate laughter.  Smile at everyone you encounter.  Take time to open doors, to say good morning, to help with packages, to be considerate.  It makes you and others feel better.  Remind people that it is nice to see them.  Point out things that are funny. Look for things that others don’t see.  When taking a walk, stop to see all the surprises along the way.  Create enough of the unexpected that others will thank you.  Send someone a comical card, just for the fun of it. Play April Fool’s jokes on days other than April Fools.  Offer to carry someone’s bags, particularly older persons.  Leave them with a smile on their face. Laughter starts with a smile, but can end with a thank you. 

Share sweets.  Offer yourself, when someone will least expect it.  When coming through the door at home, let the lilt of your voice ring with happiness, joy, having had a good day, sharing a sense of genuine gladness to be home, with those whom you love.  Encourage others to be as happy and full of gladness as you are.  Let your encouragement discourage others from being pessimistic, down, dull and just plain boring. Count the hours until tomorrow when you can again offer the fullness of your own happiness to others.  Be a person whose contagion is to give the gift of good cheer to others.  Be merry, be pleasant, be jovial.  Remind others, just by who you are how good it is to be a person of mirth, giving others their own sense of worth. You and they will be the better for it.  The world will be brighter, the day will be better, your heart and that of others will be lifted.  Have a happy day, filled with laughter and keep giving that spirit away all the day long.

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