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Schedules for Goals and Deadlines

Making and keeping deadlines is one of the most useful of disciplines.  Because we are, as seniors and by nature, prone to delay, put off and procrastinate, setting a day and time certain to complete certain tasks is very healthy.

Because we are easily swayed by putting off responsibilities, duties and other sundry expectations, nudges and pushes are a helpful way to get at the tasks which await us.  Notes on the refrigerator, brightly colored ink on your daily calendar, Iphone and other alarms or tweaks can assist us to get at the job we have to do. Both remembering to get at the task and completing it will give us a sense of relief and accomplishment.

Putting tasks off, delaying, leaving it to be done later not only creates frustration, but disappointment.  Getting the responsibility off your plate allows you to get on with other things, meet the obligations that are in line for attention.

So, agreeing to deadlines, staying aware of those commitments, meeting the responsibility when it comes due are all ways of showing you are a responsible person.

Productive Living for Seniors

Seniors, often are thought to be forgetful.  Agreeing to deadlines is a way to demonstrate that you aren’t forgetful, that you can deliver, that you will follow through. Relief, both for your self and others, will be the reward.  Anxiety can create forgetfulness, prompt inattention to details.

Correcting behaviors that may work against you, such as not keeping your promise to someone (i.e., not doing something when you said you would), will always work in your self interest and assist your being more productive.



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