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It is so easy to let life take over.  It is so easy to give in to the moment when demands and agendas and frustrations seem to be guiding us in what we do with ourselves.  It is so easy to overlook taking our time, making our moment count, letting the spirit invade, giving over to the calm and reflective.

What we need, at least once in a while, is a chance to surrender.  What we need is an opportunity to permit our being to be guided by thoughts that have nothing to do with the bombardments of daily life and living.  What we need, if we are to be invaded at all, is to be invaded by meditative calm, a placid letting go, an undisturbed season, when we are totally and completely at peace.

In offering this additional column, SCJ is experimenting with the possibility that many of you may want to come here on Sundays for a chance to create such an environment to be still.  This entry offers the occasion for guided, if you need it, meditation.  It offers also just the prompting to spend time and invest spirit in quietude.  You may add to the adventure through readings, silent and completely isolated thought or  a clearing of the mind and a freeing of the body to engage in a pacifying moment that is set aside just as you desire.

So, you are invited from Sunday to Sunday to drop in, if you like, or choose to find other ways to lend yourself to time alone in a spiritual quest for serenity.  At SCJ, we believe that productive aging needs the experience of an unruffled, unstructured, undisturbed impulse when your soul and heart and spirit and being are allowed the freedom of priority with the consequence of achieving peace of mind.

So stop what you are doing.  Pick up a book on meditation and read a few pages.  Or that book of poetry that you have always loved.  Take it to your favorite chair and sit down for 20 minutes and read… quietly… undisturbed… think about gratitude… those magnificent life experiences that are forever locked in your memory, that make you smile when you remember… take this quiet time to reflect on the need for compassion, acceptance, love, generosity of spirit… think about how you can meet those needs, how you can give to others… breathe deeply and slowly… close your eyes… let your mind and spirit go…

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