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Meditation is a Verb

Last week, this column was launched for the first time and we were pleased to greet a number of visitors.

Today, we seek to redefine the nature of meditation.  Meditation is often seen as passive, a settling in and calming of spirit, soul, body and mind.  To be sure this is a worthwhile undertaking.  It allows for a serenity to be imposed on our otherwise too busy and too hectic lives.

However, there can be another dimension to meditation that is active.  It is prompted by the need to make meditation a verb, to involve yourself with others and their livesOne that occurs to me is visiting in a care facility, where family members or friends or persons you may not even know would enjoy a drop in visit for a while.

Meditation is Caring for Others

I have been in two such facilities over the past week.  What I discover is how persons, whether the one to be visited or others you just encounter, brighten when someone comes in with a smile, a greeting, a friendly pat, a handshake or a hug.  Some of the residents of such environments don’t get enough personal affection or affirmation.  And, it doesn’t take much.

Ask their name.  Where they lived.  Find out some information about who they are.  They are still a who, a person, who needs genuine, sensitive caringThis is a moment for active meditative interaction.  The visitor has a chance to both give and receive.  The one visited can test his/her own abilities to exercise appreciation.  What a marvelous way to spend a Sunday afternoon.  What a remarkable experience for persons whose own families may not be able to stop by.  What a chance to put legs and feet to work.  What a way to cast bread on the waters and feed the soul of one who may feel alone and lonely.

Choose to put your meditative muscles to work.  Contribute to the joy of someone else joining in your own meditation.

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