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911… More Than a Number

The numbers stand out starkly.  They are just numbers, but now they have come to mean so much.  A series of three numbers has come to symbolize an era in American and world history.  Before they signified emergency.  After, they now remind us of a terrible, horrible moment in time.

The emergency these numbers portend is one of immediate and everlasting import.  They tell us that watchfulness and precaution are qualities to be be honed and perfected.  They suggest that we be ever ready.

The encroachment of evil may come at any time and in insidiously surprising ways.  History has a way of getting our attention.  911 got our attention in spades.

Do Good and Be Safe

So today, now ten full years later, we not only memorialize all those lost, but those still suffering from the consequences of that awful, terrible act.

Today, not only do we look back at a moment that paralyzed us, but forward to one that moves us to be sure that such heinous deeds never come to our doorstep again.

Today, we offer ourselves in prayerful meditation, stalwart dedication to be persons who are alert, sensitive, conscious of our roles in our own neighborhoods and towns to keep each other safe.

Just this Sunday, and every Sunday hereafter, let us mobilize in a mighty effort of sensitive and genuine loyalty to the good things of life, to the good people we share it with, and to the good we can do.

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