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Seniors Make Memories

Senior citizens enjoy reveling in their memories, and every day offers something memorable about it.  Friday was our daughter’s birthday.  That delicious mature woman who has translated her life into an active professional career, has demonstrated the skills of motherhood, has evidenced sensitivity in numerous ways.  She is worthy of more than a pat on the back, particularly right now.  She went through back surgery last week.  She is now dealing with the after affects of surgery and recovery.

Two other nieces also celebrate their birthdays on June first.  They are equally deserving of our remembering their accomplishments and remarkable personalities. My guess is that it is almost impossible for any of us to identify a date and for there not to be something peculiar, particular and poignant about that date.

Historically, too, most days carry with them special significance.  They are marked by unusual moments that are now marked on the calendar commemorating their uniqueness for something that happened on that day at some moment in our past.

Make Today Special

That is precisely why we point to today.  There is, for everyone of us, something special about today.  Something took place on this day at some point in our lives.  Sometimes we are unaware of its contribution and influence over us.  It happened.  Almost forgotten now, it still holds, in spite of our  not giving it its due recognition, some unique quality.

Days have a tendency to come and go, often without our having any awareness of their special nature. They are crowded with memories, sometimes too many to acknowledge.  They are sometimes beset not only with the good, but also the bad.  Someone whose life for us was a special gift was born on this day.  Someone else, we recall fondly, passed away.  Some event transpired.  Some occasion took place that left its indelible mark.  That’s why this column is titled “Just for Sunday, 6/3/12.  Today, in everyone of our lives, there is something totally ours, something that happened, some incident, some circumstance that we quietly recall, if only briefly, about today. Then we go on.  We give it its momentary due, and then we pass into tomorrow that will carry with its own uniqueness.

Collections of remarkable experiences are pleasant, usually, for us to hold on to.  But only briefly.  Being consumed by retrospection can be crippling.  We can lose ourselves in our yesterdays, to the point that we do not appreciate today and all that it brings us.  Investing in the now offers a satisfaction that is productive, creative, a gift that is full of contemporary worth.  Losing yourself in yesterday prohibits the todays from being as excitingly unique and important an episode as any that have taken place before.

Open wide the doors to celebrate what once made your day so utterly exceptional, but be quick to move on make today extraordinary.

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