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Our Four-Legged Family Members

The calendar reveals only one major observance for today.  It is a highly meaningful one for those who are invested in our pets.  This is National Pet Week.  Allowing for a time to observe how special and central to the lives of seniors our pets are, today and this week give us occasion to “spoil them” even more.  It may be a practice in which we overindulge.  But somehow, our connection to our pets, particularly traditional ones, gives meaning and pleasure to us that is found in few other ways.

When they crawl alongside us just to be near, it is a moment of pure joy.  When they put their head on our hand to remind us to pet them, it is an experience of unrivaled affection.  When they look longingly at us and the door, reminding us, with a slight whimper, that is time for a walk, it is a nudge we can’t resist.

When we watch them at their playtime, making the way to the gate, looking eagerly for a momentary escape out there where smells and adventures await, they let us know just how connected we are.  Few are the times they disappoint.  Most are  occasions when they fill our hearts with incomparable pleasure.

The SCJ Pet Family

We have rescued three who live in our home and share our bed and enjoy the routines of life we create together.  They offer some challenges, now and again, but they offer joy almost exclusively and unendingly.  We believe all the research out there that says pets make seniors happier, and contribute to our longevity. Perhaps we overdo it.  So be it.  Their reward is to be loved, and petted and valued and affirmed.  Their treasure is to be a part of our circle.  Our circle would be incomplete without them.

Whatever your connection is with your pet(s), this week lends the opportunity to make it richer and more satisfying. It is also a time to consider, if you haven’t one or more, looking into rescuing and inviting into your life a little one, or a bigger one.  Give them your heart and a hand, and allow them to make your world a more serene and tranquil place.

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