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Seniors Live Life to the Fullest

Life is more than taking up space.  Assigned your desk in your early school experience, you were really being given the place where all kinds of magic could happen.  You were then, just as now in your senior years, being encouraged to reach out to the world and grab what comes along.

Life is a series of taking up space, but it is richer and more wondrous when it is grabbed with gusto and shared with enthusiasm.  Life is filled with space taking, but it is fuller when that space taking becomes more than standing on line or filling a seat or waiting your turn.  What you do with yourself while you are engaged in taking up space is really what defines life. Giving in to boredom and wasting life offers unhealthy ways to see who you are and what you can be.

Who you are and what you can be is like making something out of nothing.  It is seizing the occasion with full determination to make it into something more, fuller, richer.

On this remarkable day, make it into doing more than taking up space.  Make it your occasion to create a uniquely new experience for yourself and others around you.

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