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Someone shared this PRAYER OF MID-LIFE with me a number of years ago.  I hadn’t even reached mid-life when I first was introduced to this prosaic reminder of what seems to accompany arriving at that stage.  The author is Jacqueline Lowery Corn.  I thank her for this eloquent nudge. (The words and characterizations are just as she wrote them).

“Father, I stand before You–my innocence faded, my rebellion quieted.  I stand humbled and mellowed by mid-life.

Silver strands streak my hair and my body with signs of age.  I approach You in the midst of an inner battle to break free from who I am and to move toward who I will become.

I have chosen a life for myself.  My choices, good or bad, have closed other roads to me. I often want to escape the life I have made and begin anew.  Yet I know that my past is as much a part of me as my future and that I must carry with me both my failure and successes.

Mid-life frightens me.  The people and things I once held dear I see more realistically.  I question more.  Many of my goals I see now as dreams–dreams I may never fulfill  This is my time to choose a few dreams to build on.

When I was younger, I was arrogant enough to think I knew what was best for me.  As a child, I stamped about, demanding my way, angry with You when I didn’t get it.  As an adolescent, I bargained with You.  As an adult I prayed that life would be perfect and unchanging.

I come before You now as Your humble servant, wise enough to accept my limits.  Calm my turmoil so that I might  know Your will.  Strengthen me so that I might carry it out.  I trust You now more than I ever have before, more than I trust myself.  Reach out Your hand to guide me. ”

This theology may not address your own, but it allows for a humility that speaks to the inevitable changes, consequences of aging.  It calls up a humility, in which our own perception of influences beyond ourselves are recognized.  On this Sunday, it is appropriate to dwell on our own need for inspiration and insight that reaches beyond our own spirits and calls upon another.

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