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Senior Citizen Journal, a Shared Experience

It may seem presumptuous to expect that seniors will seek us out every week, sometimes several times a week, and particularly on Sunday.  Yet, we keep writing and you keep reading. What a wonderful combination.  You do your part and we try doing ours.

Obviously we don’t command huge audiences, mostly modest and slightly curious about what we have to say.  If we hit the big time, with hordes of visitors every day, we would likely be taken aback.  It might be nice to see what that would be like.

We have, however, grown quite happy with our devoted readers who, day in and out, keep coming back.  You come from everywhere across the planet. Your interests are as varied as your geography.  You make what we do fun.

Mutual Respect

We check our spelling and look out for grammatical errors.  We don’t want to insult you.  We attempt to be sensitive to senior citizen interests. We find our efforts sometimes on target, at others not.  You remind us, when you return, that apparently you find what we have to say worthwhile.  You are discriminating enough to go elsewhere if we aren’t on the same page.  We admire that in you.

That’s the nature of things these days.  We are met with hordes of choices.  Our time is too valuable to be wasted.  Our attention is too much in demand to spend it on the trivial and mundane.

This Sunday, we are glad you stopped by.  Perhaps our sharing a mutual respect has done us both some good.  You offer us an enormous compliment by doing so.  We hope we offer you the respect you deserve.

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